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  • Graduate Studies Roundtable Thanks

    Anthony (Tony) Curatola of Drexel University, AJ Kreimer of Temple University,  James (Jim) Murtagh of Sienna College, and Jennifer Stevens of Ohio University  provided many insightful comments and were generous in giving their time to the May 31 (2023) Graduate Studies Roundtable. For those  wishing to follow up with any  of these fine panelists, here are email addresses. 

    Professor Curatola can be reached at

    Professor Kreimer can be reached at

    Professor Murtagh can be reached at

    Professor Stevens can be reached at

    Big thanks also go to Rob Miele and Theo Vancraeynest, members of chapter leadership, for making it possible to have this event.

    Michael Schor
    Vice President of Professional Education
    & Incoming President
    Greater Philadelphia Chapter